API Reference

Modules — Module loading and initializing
URIs — Parsing and formatting PKCS#11 URIs
PIN Callbacks — PIN Callbacks
Utilities — PKCS#11 utilities
Future — Future Unstable API
Deprecated — Deprecated functions
API Index
Annotation Glossary

API Index


P11KitIter, typedef in Future
P11KitIterBehavior, enum in Future
P11KitIterKind, enum in Future
P11KitPin, typedef in PIN Callbacks
P11KitPinFlags, enum in PIN Callbacks
P11KitUri, typedef in URIs
P11KitUriResult, enum in URIs
P11KitUriType, enum in URIs
p11_kit_be_loud, function in Utilities
p11_kit_be_quiet, function in Utilities
p11_kit_config_option, function in Modules
P11_KIT_DEPRECATED_FOR, macro in Deprecated
p11_kit_destroyer, user_function in Future
p11_kit_finalize_module, function in Deprecated
p11_kit_finalize_registered, function in Deprecated
p11_kit_initialize_module, function in Deprecated
p11_kit_initialize_registered, function in Deprecated
p11_kit_iter, typedef in Future
p11_kit_iter_add_callback, function in Future
p11_kit_iter_add_filter, function in Future
p11_kit_iter_begin, function in Future
p11_kit_iter_begin_with, function in Future
p11_kit_iter_callback, user_function in Future
p11_kit_iter_destroy_object, function in Future
p11_kit_iter_free, function in Future
p11_kit_iter_get_attributes, function in Future
p11_kit_iter_get_kind, function in Future
p11_kit_iter_get_module, function in Future
p11_kit_iter_get_object, function in Future
p11_kit_iter_get_session, function in Future
p11_kit_iter_get_slot, function in Future
p11_kit_iter_get_slot_info, function in Future
p11_kit_iter_get_token, function in Future
p11_kit_iter_keep_session, function in Future
p11_kit_iter_load_attributes, function in Future
p11_kit_iter_new, function in Future
p11_kit_iter_next, function in Future
p11_kit_iter_set_uri, function in Future
p11_kit_load_initialize_module, function in Deprecated
p11_kit_message, function in Utilities
p11_kit_modules_finalize, function in Modules
p11_kit_modules_finalize_and_release, function in Modules
p11_kit_modules_initialize, function in Modules
p11_kit_modules_load, function in Modules
p11_kit_modules_load_and_initialize, function in Modules
p11_kit_modules_release, function in Modules
P11_KIT_MODULE_CRITICAL, macro in Modules
p11_kit_module_finalize, function in Modules
p11_kit_module_for_name, function in Modules
p11_kit_module_get_filename, function in Modules
p11_kit_module_get_flags, function in Modules
p11_kit_module_get_name, function in Modules
p11_kit_module_initialize, function in Modules
p11_kit_module_load, function in Modules
p11_kit_module_release, function in Modules
P11_KIT_MODULE_UNMANAGED, macro in Modules
p11_kit_pin_callback, user_function in PIN Callbacks
p11_kit_pin_destroy_func, user_function in PIN Callbacks
P11_KIT_PIN_FALLBACK, macro in PIN Callbacks
p11_kit_pin_file_callback, function in PIN Callbacks
p11_kit_pin_get_length, function in PIN Callbacks
p11_kit_pin_get_value, function in PIN Callbacks
p11_kit_pin_new, function in PIN Callbacks
p11_kit_pin_new_for_buffer, function in PIN Callbacks
p11_kit_pin_new_for_string, function in PIN Callbacks
p11_kit_pin_ref, function in PIN Callbacks
p11_kit_pin_register_callback, function in PIN Callbacks
p11_kit_pin_request, function in PIN Callbacks
p11_kit_pin_unref, function in PIN Callbacks
p11_kit_pin_unregister_callback, function in PIN Callbacks
p11_kit_registered_modules, function in Deprecated
p11_kit_registered_module_to_name, function in Deprecated
p11_kit_registered_name_to_module, function in Deprecated
p11_kit_registered_option, function in Deprecated
p11_kit_remote_serve_module, function in Future
p11_kit_remote_serve_token, function in Future
p11_kit_remote_serve_tokens, function in Future
p11_kit_set_progname, function in Future
p11_kit_space_strdup, function in Utilities
p11_kit_space_strlen, function in Utilities
p11_kit_strerror, function in Utilities
p11_kit_uri, typedef in URIs
p11_kit_uri_any_unrecognized, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_clear_attribute, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_clear_attributes, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_format, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_free, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_get_attribute, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_get_attributes, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_get_module_info, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_get_module_name, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_get_module_path, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_get_pinfile, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_get_pin_source, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_get_pin_value, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_get_slot_id, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_get_slot_info, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_get_token_info, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_get_vendor_query, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_match_attributes, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_match_module_info, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_match_slot_info, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_match_token_info, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_message, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_new, function in URIs
P11_KIT_URI_NO_MEMORY, macro in URIs
p11_kit_uri_parse, function in URIs
P11_KIT_URI_SCHEME, macro in URIs
p11_kit_uri_set_attribute, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_set_attributes, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_set_module_name, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_set_module_path, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_set_pinfile, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_set_pin_source, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_set_pin_value, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_set_slot_id, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_set_unrecognized, function in URIs
p11_kit_uri_set_vendor_query, function in URIs

Annotation Glossary



NULL is ok, both for passing and for returning.


Parameter points to an array of items.



Generics and defining elements of containers and arrays.



Parameter for input and for returning results. Default is transfer full.



Parameter for returning results. Default is transfer full.


transfer full

Free data after the code is done.


Override the parsed C type with given type

transfer none

Don't free data after the code is done.