for p11-kit 0.25.0

PKCS#11 Configuration
Consistent configuration
Configuration Files
Sharing PKCS#11 modules
Multiple consumers of PKCS#11 in a process
Managed modules
Proxy Module
Remoting / Forwarding
Trust Policy Module
Paths loaded by the Module
Using the Trust Policy Module with NSS
Using the Trust Policy Module with glib-networking
Disabling the Trust Policy Module
Manual Pages
p11-kit — Tool for operating on configured PKCS#11 modules
pkcs11.conf — Configuration files for PKCS#11 modules
trust — Tool for operating on the trust policy store
API Reference
Modules — Module loading and initializing
URIs — Parsing and formatting PKCS#11 URIs
PIN Callbacks — PIN Callbacks
Utilities — PKCS#11 utilities
Future — Future Unstable API
Deprecated — Deprecated functions
API Index
Annotation Glossary
Building, Packaging, and Contributing to p11-kit
Helpful Resources
Packaging PKCS#11 module configs
Path to place module configuration
Default path for modules with relative paths
Customizing installed commands
Compiling p11-kit from Source
Building on UNIX
Optional Dependencies
Extra Configuration Options
Coding Style
Testing and Code Coverage
Debugging Tips