Packaging PKCS#11 module configs

Developers or packagers of PKCS#11 modules need to install various files into specific locations so that p11-kit will recognize and load the module correctly.

You should use pkg-config as described below to determine configuration paths. p11-kit installs a pkg-config file called p11-kit-1.pc. This file contains all the information about the various paths that p11-kit looks for files at.

Path to place module configuration

As described in the module configuration documentation, each PKCS#11 module should install a config file describing that module. These config files should be installed to a specific directory which can be determined by running:

$ pkg-config p11-kit-1 --variable p11_module_configs

Default path for modules with relative paths

If a module configuration contains a relative path in its module: setting, then that module will be loaded from the default module path. This path can be determined by running:

$ pkg-config p11-kit-1 --variable p11_module_path